Twitter tried to buy Clubhouse for 4,000 million

We continue talking about Clubhouse, and now we are going to a piece of news that has taken us by surprise.

Apparently Twitter negotiated with Clubhouse about a possible acquisition of the platform for a value of about 4 billion dollars, a move that reminds me of what Instagram tried with Snapchat at the time, before copying its Stories system.

The reports come from Bloomberg, and TechCrunch has also confirmed the issue, so it seems that we are facing something more than a rumor.

The talks took place in recent months, but did not come to fruition. Clubhouse is looking to raise a new round of funding, so it seems that I was not part of their plans to be bought by anyone, not even Twitter.

Surely Twitter wanted to speed up the implementation of Twitter Spaces with something more sophisticated and complete, like Clubhouse. Clubhouse allows you to create rooms with names, within clubs, programmed for the future, so that the audience can program their agenda as if it were a conference. Twitter Spaces, at the moment, is something different, it is a group formed spontaneously in the profile of a user, without a specific title that informs what is going to be talked about.

While Twitter Spaces is gradually coming out into the world, Clubhouse is already launching its business models, starting with Clubhouse Payments, which allows users to send direct payments to other creators on the platform. They are separating in functionalities, although they will not cease to be competition, since someone looking for audio rooms to chat with other people will have to decide between those of Telegram, those of Facebook, the clubhouse ones, the Twitter ones… each one with its own format, with its profiles and models, but all based on audio.

What is clear is that $ 4 billion in a lot of money, and Clubhouse’s initial traction is fading, so Clubhouse may have missed a tremendous opportunity before even going out into the android world.

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