Wagon, to use a super powerful computer from your home, paying by the hour

It is possible that your computer is not enough to render a 3D model, or to create something very complex with Matlab. Sometimes we need more resources, but buying a supercomputer for a few hours of work a month does not seem like a good idea.

Cloud computing is something that is well known and used by companies around the world, but it seems to be very far from the daily needs of a designer or an architect, and that is why the people of Vagon decided to launch their draft.

It is a program that we can install on our computer to be able to open a window to another computer in the cloud, much more powerful, rented by the hour. We can pay a few dollars to use that computer to use blender, for example, or to perform some mathematical calculation that would take hours on ours. We can even use a 10-year-old laptop and use Vagon from there, with the resources of the supercomputer we have rented.


Each Vagon computer is an isolated virtual machine and the connection to our computer is always encrypted and protected. They continually monitor the infrastructure for the highest level of security measures, so there appears to be no danger when it comes to data privacy and security.

Vagon just presented its version 2.0, and they present it with 3 main novelties:

– Now we can choose and install applications while creating a Wagon.
– We can send and get our files even when our cloud workstation is off, for this we will use Vagon Files.
– They have improved the streaming experience, being compatible with 4K from the browser.

Once the account is created, we will have to create a virtual computer and decide what type of project we want to create.


Afterwards, the quality of our Internet connection, necessary to carry out the work, will be verified. Now it will ask to install the apps that we want of all those that have included:


As you can see, we can see the space consumed in the right panel, along with the selected apps. The OS and Chrome are required.

The last step is to decide the time and make the payment, although it is possible to test it with the promo code PRODUCTHUNT21, which entitles you to 2 hours of trial and the workstation space will be stored for 7 days for free.


By clicking on Run Computer, we will have our virtual machine running (it takes a couple of minutes to be ready). We can open the applications as if it were a normal windows using the Internet browser. I have done the test to verify the speed of Internet connection (fabulous).


We can use it from

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