make the T-Rex roar in you with these Jurassic Park sneakers

Jurassic Park fans can rejoice: the new collection of Reebok sneakers with the effigy of the first films is coming very soon!

Credit: Reebok

Sneaker brand Reebok has just teased a new collection of movie-themed shoes Jurassic Park. Indeed, the brand is in collaboration with Universal Pictures Amblin Entertainment to present three new pairs of sneakers with a very… wild look. The three pairs of customized shoes are part of the Instapump Fury, CL Legacy and Club C ranges, three emblematic shoes of the brand. The design of the Instapup Fury pair has just been revealed and the colors are daring to say the least.

The basketball features a color gradient that varies from very bright yellow to sparkling green. Red marks are superimposed on these vibrant colors that give it the appearance of tears or injuries caused by dinosaurs. A little nod to the movies Jurassic Park is located on the back of the shoe and on the front tongue, where we find small black tabs bearing the inscriptions “Jurassic Park” and “Reebok Classic” with the same typography as the titles of the films. In addition, the iconic T-Rex is visible on the front detail of the shoe. So these shoes have everything to please fans of the franchise, whether it’s the old movies. Jurassic Park or most recent Jurassic World, whose film Jurassic World : Dominion will hit theaters in 2022.

It was initially expected for summer 2021, which explains the release of the Reebok collection at that time. The collection will be released on 1is May, and as that date approaches, the design of the other two pairs will surely be unveiled shortly. This particular pair is expected to retail for $ 180. Reebok has yet to confirm the French price.

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