Microsoft Edge adds more security to your password system

Microsoft Edge is testing new features to improve its password system.

These new functions will not only make it easier to manage multiple passwords but also add a security bonus.

Microsoft Edge adds more functions to manage passwords

Microsoft Edge already has a system that allows us to manage the passwords that we save in the browser. It follows the same dynamics that Chrome implements, for example, with a series of options that allow you to save, modify and even receive alerts about vulnerable passwords.

But the Microsoft team wants to make this dynamic even easier for users by allowing them to manage groups of passwords. Yes, instead of editing each password one by one, you can select a group to delete them.

A feature that is already being tested in one of the browser’s trial versions of Microsoft. On the other hand, they are also testing a security feature to keep passwords safe in different scenarios. Users will be able to enable an option that allows Edge to ask for authentication before automatically completing a login with the saved password.

So if you share your computer or leave the browser session open, you will not run the risk of anyone using automatic autocompletion to enter your websites or social platforms. The dynamics is the same that Microsoft Edge uses when we want to edit a saved password, which requests that we enter the PIN of our Windows computer. In this case, the browser will allow us to select when we want this function to be implemented … as long as a certain period of time passes or in each new session.

So this dynamic will offer added security to users who opt for automatic password auto-completion. Of course, it is a function that will depend on each user if they want to enable it. This feature is currently part of Microsoft Edge Canary version testing.

So we will have to wait for Microsoft to release these new features dedicated to passwords to test its operation in Edge.

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