Twitch can ban those who violate its rules from outside the platform

The livestream platform can now ban users for harassment, even if it occurs on other media or offline platforms.

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Twitch has just unveiled a change in its conditions of use, and more precisely with regard to the bad behavior of its users. The ban rule for any case of bullying or bad behavior towards others has just been extended and will no longer only affect Twitch. This means that a user can now be banned from the platform, even if the harassment was carried out on another social network or any offline media.

This policy falls into two categories: the first relates to harassment on and off Twitch, and the second relates only to harassment outside the platform. For the first category, nothing has changed. When Twitch examines a case of harassment that took place on the platform, the company takes into account any harassment that occurred on Facebook, for example. Now, with the addition of the second category, if Twitch discovers “ serious breaches that pose a substantial risk to the safety of the Twitch community That have occurred on other platforms or media, then the company reserves the right to act accordingly. Serious offenses include the following grounds: murderous violence or violent extremism, terrorist activities, credible threats of mass violence, deliberate carrying out or complicity in unwanted sexual activity or the sexual exploitation of children, among others.

To set up this new sanction system, Twitch enlisted the help of an external law firm to investigate and gather tangible evidence more easily with regard to external platforms. Twitch did not disclose the name of the firm in question but clarified that “ these investigations are very complex and their resolution can take a lot of time and resources. For behaviors that take place outside of Twitch, we need to rely more on law enforcement and other services to share relevant evidence before we can move forward. ».

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