Amazon presents new Echo Buds as cheaper alternative to AirPods Pro

Amazon today presented (14) the second generation of its wireless headsets. The new Amazon Echo Buds arrive with top features and look to Apple’s AirPods Pro as the main target to dethrone.

This will contribute to the presence of active noise cancellation, its renewed and more comfortable design and, above all, its price. This starts in the $ 119.99, well below Apple’s rivals.

Amazon Echo Buds

New Amazon Echo Buds feature enhanced active noise cancellation

In the first generation of Echo Buds, Amazon joined Bose to develop its active noise cancellation. In this second generation, however, the retail giant has chosen to develop its own technology.

According to what Amazon says, the new Echo Buds offer “twice as much“noise-canceling compared to the original model. Everything so that users can abstract themselves from the outside world and fully enjoy their favorite music.

There will also be an option of “transparency” that will make it possible to hear the sounds that come from the surroundings. This will give the user the power to choose the amount of sound they want to pass into their ear canal.

Amazon Echo Buds

Important in this type of accessories is, of course, the sound quality and here Amazon is confident in the results obtained. A clear and balanced sound is promised regardless of the type of music you are listening to.

Autonomy of these Echo Buds is not surprising

An important field of any wireless headset is its autonomy and here the new Echo Buds offer what we are used to. Indeed, we even have 5 hours playback with active active noise cancellation.

With the help of their transport box, Amazon Echo Buds can purchase an additional 10 hours of playback, totaling 15 hours uninterrupted consumption of multimedia. If we turn off active noise cancellation, these values ​​can rise to 19.5 hours not total.

The transport box has two configurations for the way of loading. There will be a modality in which this process is done through the USB-C input, but if you wish you can choose the one that offers wireless charging.

Amazon Echo Buds

Also, leave reference to the new design of Amazon Echo Buds that intend to increase user comfort during use. The new generation has a lower mouthpiece that will penetrate less in the ear canal, in addition to having their own ventilation to reduce pressure in the ear.

Outside, Amazon Echo Buds abandon the mirror finish to adopt a matte texture. As usual, they will come with four tips included in the box, this time with an oval aspect.

Amazon Echo Buds hit the market in May

Amazon informs that the sale of the new Echo Buds will begin to May 13. Those interested will have at their disposal two versions with differences in the way of loading the transport box.

One that is charged via USB-C will have a cost of $ 119.99. Now if you want the version with wireless charging, you will have to spend $ 139.99 for each copy.

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