Ikea air purifiers available starting today

Some time ago Ikea presented its own air purifier called Förnuftig. This is available in stores from today.

Ikea Förnuftig air purifier costs just under 50 euros

In September last year I was able to discover the Förnuftig air purifier from Ikea at the FCC. It was officially presented in December. Unfortunately, the air purifier is not smart, but its price and slim design make it interesting for some customers.

Ikea Sensible

The price is 49.99 euros and it weighs 3.59 kg. The dimensions are 31 x 45 x 11 cm and there is a three-stage filter system. A pre-filter, a particle filter and a gas filter. The gas filter is available for just under 10 euros and the particle filter for just under 5 euros. Both should be changed approximately every four months.

Of course, you can also make the Förnuftig air purifier smart retrospectively by simply buying a Tradfri socket at the same time. You can even integrate it into HomeKit and switch it on and off smartly. However, you cannot control the three different levels smartly.

Click here for the Förnuftig air purifier at Ikea!

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