Microsoft starts beta of Xbox Cloud Gaming for Windows 10 and Apple mobile devices

As promised is a debt, from the Microsoft cloud gaming platform they will try to fulfill their promise to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to computers under Windows 10 and to Apple phones and tablets, such as they promised last year, from tomorrow.

It will be when they begin to send the first invitations to selected users, belonging to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, to become part of the new limited beta, being able to enjoy the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience directly through some web browsers.

The platform is committed to sending more invitations over time in the 22 countries where its service is available. Since Xbox Cloud They will initially try to adjust some functions and offer a uniform and consistent experience on all platforms where the service is available throughout the first beta stages, taking into account comments and suggestions from users.

A key step to unify experiences before reaching all subscribers

The lucky ones who receive the invitations over time will have access to a game catalog made up of more than 100 titles, which they can enjoy through Edge, Google Chrome or Safari, for which they will only have to go to the web to start enjoying the Xbox Gaming experience.

In this way, the service will try to circumvent the limitations that have been found in some application stores along the way, especially with the Apple application store, whose conditions have prevented it from being able to bring a native application to iOS with the desired experience. In the case of Windows 10, the application store Microsoft it also has no key relevance.

From Xbox it is pointed out that the guests to the new limited beta should only have a controller compatible with Bluetooth or USB, or they can use custom touch controls for more than 50 games.

In this regard, their Support Center has a updated list compatible devices. This is one more step in the platform’s goal to expand to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users over the next few months.

The platform notes that:

This is an exciting step in our journey to bring games to 3 billion players around the world. Thank you so much for helping us shape cloud gaming, from the early days of preview to today, we just couldn’t have done it without you!

In this way, the segment of gaming platforms offered from the cloud becomes more than interesting, and is also much more competitive.

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