US authorities warn against the use of the peloton treadmill

After several accidents and one fatality occurred in the USA in connection with the Peloton treadmill Tread +, the American consumer protection agency warns against the use of the device.

Peloton Tread + becomes a source of danger

After a total of 39 accidents and one fatality occurred in the USA in connection with the use of the Peleton Tread + treadmill, the American consumer protection agency CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has now officially published a warning. In this, she advises against using the treadmill if (small) children or pets live in the household. This came around a month after Peloton itself confirmed the death of a child while using the treadmill.

The US authorities reported that objects, pets or children were repeatedly pulled under the treadmill, resulting in injuries or, in one case, even the death of a child. The authorities either advise against using it completely or, if you want to continue using the device, put it in a lockable room and pull the plug after each use.

Peloton takes a stand and asks CPSC for assistance

The fitness equipment manufacturer made the claim in its own right Write as “inaccurate and misleading”. The devices are preceded by safety instructions that must be strictly observed. In particular, Peloton points out in its statement that the safety instructions state that the safety key must be disconnected after using the Tread +. This prevents the running surface from simply being switched on. In addition, the trainers of the courses are now also imparting further safety instructions, whereby Peloton shows that they are willing to work on the problem.

The company also wanted to publish joint warnings with the CPSC and asked the agency to work together before consumer protection published the warning. The CPSC saw this as a delaying tactic, denied any cooperation and now calls on Peloton to take the treadmill off the market. The device manufacturer is still interested in a cooperation and hopes that the US authorities will accept this offer.


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