If Apple does not pay this ransom, hackers will unveil its future products

$ 50 million. This is the sum requested by REvil to buy its silence, after having recovered confidential diagrams.

Credit: Apple

If you see a lot of leaks about future Apple products in the coming weeks, you know why. The Cupertino company has indeed the target of a large-scale computer attack targeting Quanta, one of its subcontractors based in Taiwan, and which notably manufactures MacBooks on behalf of Apple.

Following this attack, the Russian hacker group REvil claims to be in possession of a lot of confidential information about future Apple MacBooks. To prove it, REvil did not hesitate to publish some Mac and Apple Watch diagrams on obscure forums, right at the time of the first Apple conference of the year, during which the firm notably lifted the veil. on a new computer, l’iMac 24″.

A ransom of $ 50 million

REvil reportedly demanded that Quanta pay it $ 50 million, but the subcontractor reportedly refused. The hacker group therefore approached Apple directly, demanding the same amount. If the firm led by Tim Cook doesn’t pay by May 1, REvil will start publishing a confidential diagram every day.

Apple reacted in the columns of The Record and claims to be reviewing the case. If REvil is really in possession of confidential diagrams, there is therefore a very good chance that the coming weeks will be very loaded with leaks on future Apple products. Even if Apple pays the ransom, it is likely that the hackers will still publish this information. In addition, it should probably interest people since the Apple has a busy schedule for the end of the year, between its future 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon chip, a new iMac “Pro” with a 32-inch screen, the AirPods 3, l’iPhone 13, l’Apple Watch Series 7 ou this enigmatic virtual reality headset.

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