Sony presents its new portable air conditioner

reon pocket 2

Creating a device the size of a mobile that is capable of cooling the air around it is something that many companies have been trying in recent years.

Sony is one of them, last year it presented its Reon Pocket, and now it releases version 2 with several improvements.

App-controlled, and originally launched through crowdfunding system, the Reon Pocket 2 it has twice the level of heat absorption. It has also improved sweat resistance, making it more suitable for light exercise situations.

The previous model was marketed primarily as something to wear with a special t-shirt to give some relief in the summer, but now more activities that could be good to get hold of the new Reon have been publicized and recommended.

Sony has partnered with sportswear brands such as Le Coq Sportif, Munsingwear and Descente to produce a range of golf clothes It has pockets to place the device.

It can also be worn with normal clothing, and for this they have designed a neck strap accessory, it is not necessary to have special shirts with extra pockets.

The Reon Pocket 2 comes out today in Japan and will be sold for about 120 euros, but at the moment they have not given dates or prices for the international market.

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