[Bon Plan] The Lenovo Smart Clock connected alarm falls to 39.99 euros

Lenovo’s smart alarm clock, equipped with a 4-inch touch screen and the Google Assistant, is offered at 44.99 euros at Boulanger. Enjoy it!

Enjoy a promotion on the Lenovo Smart Clock connected alarm clock at only 39.99 euros at Darty!

Designed to sit on your nightstand, the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant features a 4-inch touchscreen, giving you sublime visual experiences when you need them most – wake up in the morning and wake up. evening before sleeping. With the help of your Google Assistant, getting up and getting ready for sleep has never been easier. Ask him your questions and ask him to perform tasks, he reacts to the sound of your voice or to the touch on the screen. Just say “Ok Google” to set an alarm clock, listen to the music (6W speaker) you like, check the time of your next meeting, control your connected home (support over 10,000 products over 1000 brand) and much more. Operating in multiroom, it only needs to receive a voice command to listen to your favorite programs from another device.

Take advantage of the offer at Darty

With its clean and compact design, and its fabric cover, the Lenovo Smart Clock blends into your interior décor. When not in use, it displays the time and an ambient background of your choice. You can also turn off the device’s microphone if you don’t want to be listened to. In the morning, the Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock increases its brightness as you go to wake you up gently. All you need to do is schedule your morning routine so you can receive information on local traffic, weather, sports and news.

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