Can the Apple Watch soon also measure blood sugar and blood alcohol levels?

The latest information shows that the Apple Watch may soon be able to measure blood sugar and blood alcohol levels in addition to heart rate and EKG.

Measure blood sugar and blood alcohol levels with the Apple Watch

According to new information that emerges from one of Apple’s business partners, these values ​​may soon be able to be measured by the smartwatch. According to the American newspaper “The Telegraph”, Apple is the largest customer of the British electronics start-up Rockley Photonics. This has developed non-invasive optical sensors with which several blood-related health data can be recorded. Including, for example, blood sugar, blood pressure and blood alcohol level. These can usually only be detected with more invasive medical devices. The sensors of the British start-up radiate infrared light through the skin – similar to the existing sensors on the underside of the Apple Watch.

Rockley’s biggest customer was Apple as the British company was preparing to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. The documents required for this state that in the past two years Rockley’s largest turnover has been achieved by Apple. In addition, the documents stated that an ongoing supply and development agreement had been concluded with the company and that most of its sales were expected to continue to come from Apple.

From this point of view, it is obvious that Rockley Phonics’ technology will sooner or later find its way into the Apple Watch. The company has said its next-generation sensors could be found in consumer smartwatches and other devices as early as 2022. That could be the case with the Apple Watch Series 8.

There are already Rumorsthat the Apple Watch Series 7 would contain a blood glucose test. However, Rockley’s statement could suggest that this function will be delayed and will not be available until 2022.

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