Check out this amazing 8K video of the erupting Icelandic volcano

An Icelandic photographer immortalized the eruption of a volcano with an Insta360 Pro 2 8K camera, attached to a DJI drone. Despite the extreme heat, both devices escaped unscathed.

For several weeks, the Icelandic volcano Fragradalsfjall has been in the news. After more than 800 years spent dormant, he woke up on March 19. In eruption, it attracted many curious people who came to admire the show, or more recently realized a barbecue on the rock. But to immortalize this historic moment, visitors must redouble their inventiveness. This is the case of Ragnar Th. Sigurosson, founder of the company Artic Images. In collaboration with the Perlan museum, “Which hosts a state-of-the-art 8K planetarium and other exhibits on the geographic wonders of Iceland”, the videographer unveils one of the most impressive videos of this extraordinary event. Using a DJI drone, piloted by Arnar Þór Þórsson, he immortalized the eruption with a 8K Instra360 Pro 2 camera. Posted on YouTube, the video that promises to give us a bigger-than-life show, however, is only available in 4K on the platform. Blame it on the limitation applied on the Google tool. For more immersion, you can also watch it through a virtual reality headset.

A blow of heat for the drone

On his blog, Insta360 reveals the behind the scenes of this incredible video. To capture the eruption, as faithfully as possible, the two artists had to fly over the volcano very closely. A maneuver all the more complicated given the extreme heat given off by the incandescent crater. During the flight, the temperature reached the 1240 degrees Celsius. Despite this extreme heat, the drone and camera escaped unscathed.

In its press release, Insta 360 salutes the performance of the two artists and Ragnar’s expertise behind the camera. She adds that her tools will allow, “Through VR technology, to offer deeply immersive experiences of earthly wonders to the whole world”.

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