Clubhouse starts to appear on android

Clubhouse has followed in the footsteps of Instagram in its early days, it has taken a long time to become available for android users, but it seems that much less is missing, there is a trial version around a limited group of users.

With tremendous success during the last months of 2020 and an avalanche of users from Spain and Latin America since January, Clubhouse has been the king of voice platforms for weeks, although everything seems to indicate that the fever is deflating. The android version can give new strength to the platform.

Recent data from analytics firm Sensor Tower suggests that in March, Clubhouse downloads plummeted by 72% compared to the previous month, and there are many users indicating that they are bored in Clubhouse, something that has not happened previously.

In an advertisement, the company said that it is testing this version with “a handful of friendly testers”, in a closed beta version, so we cannot sign up to test it yet. The global opening is expected to take place in the next few weeks.

The problem is that from January until now there are many large platforms that have launched clubhouse-like voice chat features, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and lastly, Instagram. That includes almost all existing social networks that are renowned today.

It is not easy to create and discover interesting sessions, so many times the initial rush to try the novelty is followed by a disappointment that ends with abandonment by the application.

Let’s hope that Clubhouse gets the magic back. So far they have already included a function for people to join the club without the need for administrators to constantly remember it.

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