Epic Games acquires platform of digital artists and cuts commission from 30% to 12%

Epic Games just made an interesting move just in time for the start of its legal battle against Apple for its monopolistic attitude, you see. In this sense, the company has just acquired the platform for digital creators ArtStation, specialized in the hosting works related to the world of video games and entertainment, without the economic terms being made public for the moment.

In addition to allowing creators can have their own portfolio of works, ArtStation also allows them to sell 2D and 3D assets from its platform for use in multimedia projects, including elements for the games themselves.

It also serves as a place for training of creators by holding conferences and making educational content available.

It will continue to function independently, although now with better advantages

With all that, ArtStation It will continue to function as an independent platform in its new stage that is now beginning, although the acquisition has brought the first changes to it. Epic Games wants to set an example by cut in the commissions it takes from creators for the sale of their work.

In this regard, it will go from charging from 30% to 12% in general, although those subscribed to ArtStation Pro, the commissions will go from 20% to 8%. For self-promoted sales, the commission will be only 5%.

What’s more, Epic Games has made the lectures and tutorials in the ArtStation learning section free until the end of this year. Without a doubt, a more than interesting movement.

According to him release:

Artists will continue to benefit from ArtStation’s unique platform as they do today and ArtStation will continue to support creators across all media and genres, including those not using the Unreal Engine.

ArtStation, for its part, has made a somewhat more detailed blog post, whose statement of intent states that:

ArtStation and Epic Games have shared a great relationship since we burst onto the scene in 2014. The Unreal Engine team has been incredibly supportive of our efforts and initiatives. Last year, at the initial height of the pandemic, Epic pledged to support us with a Megagrant, which helped tremendously during a period of uncertainty. Through our collaboration, we witnessed Epic’s deep respect for the ArtStation community and that we share the same mission of empowering creators. It was clear that joining forces would have a much greater impact.

In this publication there is also a frequently asked questions section, with which it will try to help in the doubts that the creators of the platform may have at this time.

More information: ArtStation

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