Even more invisibly, we love Zenfone 8 more and more

It is not yet clear whether the “little device” will get the mini suffix or whether the Zenfone 8 itself is intended to be compact, but more and more convincing news is coming about the device.

Asus is putting better and better devices on the table, and the ROG Phone 5 is quite an excellent device in its genre, apart from being quite fragile due to the cooling system. After the gamer series, we are waiting for the new top models, especially the one that, according to the information so far, is quite promises to be compact. The reversing camera system should in principle be abandoned in exchange for a smaller size, but the high-end hardwareabout and performancenot about.

And Asus has now revealed on Twitter that the jack will not be dropped this year either. Basically, many would love a truly compact, even one-handed, but powerful and up-to-date device, but the 3.5mm audio output will foam on the cake. We just don’t know yet how big that cake will be. In principle, the 5.9-inch panel, which is 120 Hz by the way, is encouraging in any case.

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