Facebook wants you to accept ad tracking to stay free

Facebook continues its campaign against the iOS14 update. The firm invites its users to activate advertising trackers, to support its applications and help it keep Instagram and Facebook “free”.

Facebook is reviewing its copy, to counter the update of iOS 14. Deployed last week, it allows more difficult to trace between different applications, and therefore the display of targeted advertisements. Concretely, if you look at smartphones on Google Chrome, Facebook or Instagram will not be able to offer you such advertisements on your phone. On the other hand, if you have consulted publications relating to the purchase of a new smartphone directly in the application, you will continue to see advertisements of the kind. If this turns out to be more respectful of privacy, the tool also represents a great shortfall for Facebook. Hoping to get iOS users to turn on ad tracking, Facebook and Instagram now display an informational message. Spotted by MacRumors, he takes up certain arguments already advanced by Mark Zuckerberg’s firm, such as support for small businesses. On the other hand, for the first time, Facebook wants to be more alarmist. If the firm had announced that the impact of this update would be minor, it no longer rules out having to become chargeable in the future. We can read :

“This version of iOS requires us to ask your permission to collect certain information from your device. Find out how we limit and use its information. We use the information we collect about your activities in other apps to:
– Show you more targeted advertisements
– Help us keep Facebook free
– Help businesses that rely on advertising to attract new customers. “

Facebook and Instagram soon to pay?

Historically, Facebook displayed a message at the entrance to its interface to warn that the application was free and always would be. However, these new statements revive the debate on free services on the web. Half-heartedly, Facebook announces that in the event that the new iOS update would impact too heavily on its revenues, the firm could change its economic model. She is not the only one to see her copy again. For a few weeks now, on Marmiton, Allociné or even Geo, users have to accept cookies to enjoy the content offered on these different sites. In response to the new CNIL regulation, which provides that websites clearly offer the possibility of refusing advertising tracking, many sites have adopted the paid service strategy. If you do not accept cookies, you will be charged for access to the site. It remains to be seen whether this is the same path that GAFAM will take in the future. The adage “If it’s free, you are the product” has never been so convincing.

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