Good deal Dreame V11, T20 and D9: AliExpress sacrifices prices for 24 hours 🔥

You still have a few hours to take advantage of the discounts on the Dreame V11 and T20 vacuum cleaners (stick vacuum cleaners) or on the D9 (robot vacuum cleaner). The promo code FRMAY018 allows the price of this flash sale to be lowered even further.

AliExpress leaves no chance for the latest Dreame vacuum cleaners. The online store is showing record discounts on the two premium upright vacuum cleaner models V11 and T20 and on its D9 robot vacuum cleaner. Please note, these flash offers are valid for less than 24 hours and the stock is very limited.

To obtain the maximum discount, you must combine the discount displayed on the site with the promo code FRMAY018. The latter allows you to save 18 euros more on each of the models. For example, the Dreame V11 drops to € 246 instead of € 366, a price never seen before. Likewise, the T20 drops to € 264 instead of € 399. Finally, the D9 robot vacuum cleaner drops to € 258 instead of € 329.

To discover the 3 offers, it’s here:

See the offer on the Dreame V11

See the offer on the Dreame T20

See the offer on the Dreame D9

If you fall for the Dreame vacuum cleaner on AliExpress, please note that the delivery time is 3 days. The merchant delivers to you from a warehouse located in France, you receive your order quickly free of charge. You then have 14 days after receipt to make a free return and receive a 100% refund. On the other hand, these models are guaranteed for 2 years.

In addition to the Dreame V11, AliExpress is highlighting another flash sale on the Dreame T20 and D9. The first is the worthy successor of this first model, Xiaomi made it official a few months ago. The current rebate saves almost 30% on this cordless vacuum cleaner. Likewise, the excellent D9 robot vacuum cleaner which competes with Roborock and its V7 is also at a knockdown price.

The Dreame V11, an affordable benchmark

The Dreame V11 is a vacuum cleaner unveiled by Xiaomi. Owner of the brand, the manufacturer has relied on its know-how to offer a product that perfectly remains its position on the market. As a result, the model remains affordable without skimping on technical performance. It is largely among the best devices in its niche, whether Dyson or other competitors. This promotion signed AliExpress is simply crazy just a year from the release of the device.

To go into details, it should be remembered that the Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner is a cordless model. This is its first strong point, because it allows you to clean your home without having to plug in and unplug the device when you are cleaning. You save time and efficiency, it is always appreciable for this type of household chores. On the other hand, this model weighs only 2.58 kilos, which makes it light and easy to handle. Overall, therefore, it offers a great experience.

The Dreame V11 can easily be transformed into a hand vacuum cleaner. This ensures that you can suck up dust everywhere, whether it’s baseboards, the corners of your sofa or even your car seats. There is no risk of neglecting spaces, as you can access all the dust with this model – with ease.

In terms of technique, the Dreame V11 has three cleaning modes that you can select according to the area of ​​your home. The turbo mode will tackle the most stubborn dust by offering more power. The appliance has an autonomy of 90 minutes, which is more than enough time to clean all floors. You can follow the battery level directly on the screen on the vacuum cleaner.

This offer on the Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner is very aggressive, the model has never been entitled to such a price since its arrival on the market, even on the occasion of a special operation. However, this is a flash sale: as the name suggests, it will disappear as quickly as it arrived on AliExpress. If you are looking for a new model to keep your home clean on a daily basis, now is the time to take action.

A shocking flash sale on AliExpress

With the current offer on AliExpress, this Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner sees its price drop to 243 euros instead of 366 euros, or more than 30% discount. The savings are over 100 euros while the model is still less than a year old. It is also the same principle for the T20 which is an evolved version of V11 and which was released a few weeks later.

Finally, we also have the Dreame D9 which is a success in its category. AliExpress had never made such a generous discount on this model. While it was released last November, it is already flirting with the 250 euros. It is much cheaper than all the premium robot vacuums in the same segment. We have put the links above for you, they each redirect to the products in question.

It will be recalled that we must use the promo code FRMAY018 to obtain a discount of 18 € for every 200 € of purchase. This applies to all Dreame vacuum cleaners, but also to all other products on the merchant site. The number of these coupons is very limited, so you have to hurry to take advantage of them.

Regardless of the model of Dreame V11, T20 or D9, the flash offers already end tomorrow morning. You can see a counter on the site that displays the time to maturity in real time. Note that the number of available units of each product is limited: it is also explicitly displayed on the AliExpress site.

To discover the offer on the Dreame V11, it’s here:

See the offer on the Dreame V11

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