Microsoft also planned to lower its taxes on the Xbox Store

In addition to this revelation, the Microsoft Store tax reduction could be done under certain specific conditions.

After learning that Microsoft was going to leave 88% of sales of titles on the Microsoft Store to developers as of August 2021, the company may have considered doing the same for console titles on the Xbox Store. On the occasion of the trial ofEpic Games contre Apple, documents regarding Microsoft’s financial plan have been unveiled and they suggest lowering taxes on Xbox Store games for 2021. As with PC titles, it is marked that “ all games will be upgraded to 88/12 (i.e. 88% for developers and 12% for Microsoft) in the year 2021 », Compared to 70/30 at present.

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Following this revelation, Microsoft did not wish to confirm the news and the company spokesperson even said that Microsoft did not have the idea of ​​” update console publisher revenue share “. However, he did not comment further on the matter and did not wish to clarify the situation as to whether the document was wrong or whether the company had changed its mind along the way. Obviously, this kind of reassessment could clearly benefit developers, which could revive the market for console games on Xbox.

A reduction in taxes with a counterpart?

However, Microsoft seems to have given up on the idea altogether, and more revelations have been made about the upcoming Microsoft Store discount. On another document, we can read that the reduction was to take place provided that the developers make sure to ” transfer game streaming rights to Microsoft »And this so that the games can be exclusively on the xCloud, which is integrated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Once again, Microsoft did not wish to confirm this approach, so it is not known if this clause will be in effect when the income shares change next August.

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