Microsoft Edge will bring native integration with Office files and Windows search engine

There’s no doubt that Microsoft is doing a good job with its Chromium-based Edge browser, with new features arriving over the past few months, including the new kids mode, among others, to which other new functions will be added over the next few months, although for now we only knew only the future possibility of share tabs between devices.

As well, Windows Latest has found two new features in the current Canary version of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 and macOS by which users will also be able to natively view Office files within the browser itself, as well as the integration of browser searches within the Windows taskbar.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will be even more functional

For now, Microsoft has not detailed what will be the moment when Microsoft Edge 92 will become a stable version, bringing these and other functions to all users through a new update.

The first function found can be tested by those users of the current version of Microsoft Edge Canary who enable the option “Quickly view Office files on the web with Office Viewer” in the Downloads section, allowing them to directly view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the browser itself.

The second function, on the other hand, there is still no way to be tested, although in theory, it would bring the integration of browser searches, whether for history, tabs, bookmarks and more, to the Windows taskbar.

Anyway, they are two new functions that are still in development, and that when the time comes, they will add to the functions that we have already seen these months ago, making Microsoft Edge based on Chromium even more attractive, which will help you continue to grow your user quota at the cost of abandoning Chrome, as many users have been doing throughout all these months about each update that the browser has received along the way.

It will be a matter of waiting, and where appropriate, knowing those details that the company wants to provide when the time comes, allowing us to have a better idea of ​​these and other functions provided in the new version of the browser, which is gaining new followers every day.

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