Neuralink: President Max Hodak steps down

On Twitter, Max Hodak, president of the firm founded by Elon Musk announced his departure. He always supports the work of the company specializing in neurotechnology.

In 2016, Elon Musk founded Neuralink, a company supposed to revolutionize the interactions between humans and machines. The firm aims to create the first connected human beings within a few years, by developing brain implants that will in the future allow terminals to be controlled solely by thought. A few weeks ago, she also shared the conclusive results of her first experience. A nine-year-old macaque has benefited from a successful implantation and is now able to play Pong by thought.

While the firm has just taken a new step, it announces the departure of its president. Max Hodak, who co-founded the company with Elon Musk, has been out of his post several weeks now. It was on Twitter that he made the announcement, without specifying the reasons for his departure. He nevertheless showed his support for the teams.

“Some personal information. I haven’t worked at Neuralink anymore (for several weeks now). I learned a lot there and I remain a fervent admirer of the company. Forward to new things. “

And the rest?

If Max Hodak remains discreet about the rest of his adventures, he nevertheless specified that it would not be a question of developing a park populated by dinosaurs, like the one imagined by Spielberg in 1993. He obviously refers to his recent statements on Twitter. Last April, Max Hodak estimated that it would be possible to build Jurassic Park in the real world 15 years from now. He also announced that humanity should soon find ways to create new biodiversity, and not just preserve the existing one. Quickly, these statements had aroused a stir among fans of the film saga. However, this is not the direction that Max Hodak will take in the coming years.

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