Oppo will come to Colombia to compete with Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi

Oppo is a Chinese brand and is the fourth with the most sold cell phones in the world. Your arrival plan in Colombia will be given in this semester and is expected to shake up the cell phone market in which they compete Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and other brands.

“Our arrival in Colombia, in addition to signifying a strengthening of Oppo’s presence in Latin America, is the first step towards becoming the most innovative and modern option,” said Huayong Du, CEO of the brand in Colombia, quoted by El Espectador.

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The first cell phone that Oppo would land in the country with is the Find X3 Pro, a new high-end phone that promises features superior to those of its competitors. The Chinese brand, In addition to arriving with cell phones in Colombia, it will also offer ioT (internet of things) devices.

History of Oppo, the Chinese mobile march that arrives in Colombia

Oppo was born in 2001 in China and was founded by Chen Mingyong. It started with Blu-Ray players and other devices and then jumped onto the mobile phone market in 2008.

Agree with Xataka, the growth of the brand occurred very fast and in 2010 it jumped to the international market. The company was also born under the brand umbrella of the Chinese manufacturer BBK Electronics, among which are also Vivo, Realme and OnePlus.

Contrary to other brands, Oppo has its own operating system called ColorOS and has internet services like Oppo Cloud and Oppo +. According to El Espectador, its expansion in the world has been so fast that it already has operations in more than 40 countries and works with more than 80 operators.

In Colombia it promises to revolutionize the market.

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