Reign of the Superheroes looks back on 70 years of comic book history

The documentary intends to return to the evolution of female characters in comics, from Wonder-Woman to Captain Marvel via Black Widow.

For several years now, superheroes have not been written only in the masculine. If female characters have existed for a long time in comics (1941 for Miss Fury) they are only beginning to impose themselves on the big and small screens. As Marvel prepares to devote a feature film to Black Widow, the Reign of Super-heroines intends to return to the evolution of the representation of female characters in comics and in the cinema.

This documentary, co-directed by Xavier Fournier and Frédéric Ralière, offers us a dive into the history of comics alongside those who created them. Thanks to prestigious speakers such as Trina Robbins, comic book author who has notably worked on Wonder-Woman, or Mélanie Boissonneau, doctor of cinematographic and audiovisual studies, Le Règne des Super-Hérones looks back on more than 70 years of history. The film is interested in the evolution of the characters as well as that of their costumes. Chris Claremont, screenwriter who has worked for over 17 years on X-Men, a period in which he profoundly changed the group of mutants, will also come back to the various female characters who inhabit the franchise.

Cosplayers to talk about their passion

In addition to these authors and designers, the documentary also gives voice to those who embody them on a daily basis. If cosplay fairs and more generally conventions were once frequented by a mainly male audience, women are increasingly engaging in the practice. In The Reign of the Super-Heroines, the cosplayers explain how the different characters have impacted their lives and how playing them can have a beneficial effect.

The Reign of the super-heroines will be broadcast on May 24 at 8:55 p.m. on the Toonami channel, in partnership with Le Journal du Geek.

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