The Huawei Mate X2 has become very rugged

It’s also painful to watch Zack bend the device in the wrong direction, but the Mate X2 doesn’t mind.

Yet flex phones don’t seem to be as structurally sensitive as they seem. The hinges have so far withstood all models if Zack pushed them in the wrong direction, which looks awful, but the devices, including the Huawei Mate X2to, dog trouble. If you have to be so careful with sharp objects and sand, at least you don’t have to be shocked by accidentally sitting on an open device.

The internal display, on the other hand, is still scratched at a Mohs-2 hardness level and, if we really want to, can nail the plastic coating together. However, with lifelike use, even with long nails, it is very difficult to accidentally damage the surface of the inner panels. The Mate X2, on the other hand, has a harder time getting dust in than other bendable models, when folded it really leaves a minimal gap between the two halves, and the larger drive arc results in a finer break in the middle of the display. There is no doubt that Huawei has done a professional job with the design.

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