The TicWatch 3 Pro LTE is finally getting the updates!

After two updates for the GPS version of the TicWatch 3 Pro were published in February and April 2021, Mobvoi is now following suit with the LTE model, bringing both watches up to date.

Double update for the TicWatch 3 Pro LTE

Mobvoi only published an update for the TicWatch 3 Pro at the end of April. But this was only for the GPS variant and in addition to the update in February 2021 the second that didn’t include the LTE model of the smartwatch. With the update that has now been released, Mobvoi wants to change this and is now bringing the TicWatch 3 Pro LTE up to the status of the GPS model.

With the new patch, the watch gets all the features of the February update, including improved tilt-to-wake speed, notification tones and faster pairing with Android smartphones. In addition, the new or improved functions come from the April-Update. For example, the improved theater mode, weather tiles or the improved layout for screen brightness. In the LTE variant, some exclusive errors in the TicWatch 3 Pro LTE have also been fixed, such as the correction when using an eSIM with Vodafone and the telephone app.

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