This was the online Afterwork of La Latina Valley

In times of pandemic, online events have to reinvent themselves, and organizing a networking event is no longer as simple as bringing together professionals from different areas in the same venue. On the web there is more freedom to go out without anyone noticing, you can mute the microphone, close the webcam … it is more difficult to keep the interest of the participants and avoid a mass exit before the end of the event.

That is why I can consider the La Latina Valley Online Afterwork that was held last week a success, with 20 themed tables in a virtual room that we took full advantage of for more than two hours.

We are talking about the 46th Online Afterwork between CIOs, CTOs and CISOs, with 122 IT professionals. An event organized by The Latina Valley, by the great Emilio Márquez, where we were able to talk about teleworking, security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and many other topics, depending on the table where we were.

As soon as I started, I entered a random table, and began to look for the right table, seeing the topic covered in it and the professional profiles of those who were there. By clicking on each profile I could see the description and the Linkedin links, making it easy to know who I was going to talk to before sitting in front of their group.

As I sit at a table, I activate my webcam and my microphone, introduce myself, say what I am doing, and we begin to explain why we are at that table. That is how networking begins, where it is not necessary to share cards, we have LinkedIn at the distance of a click.

The event, which was sponsored by Centribal, Digital Hand Made, Iberinform, OVHcloud, SiteSpect and STR Sistemas, will have its next edition in November of this year, but you can check on the La Latina Valley website to verify the other events they are organizing .

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