Update for numerous cell phones: Apple and Samsung distribute new operating systems


The manufacturers Samsung, Nokia and Apple are distributing major updates to various smartphones and tablets this week. Netzwelt tells you which innovations you can look forward to.

Not only iPhones, but also Nokia and Samsung phones will receive important firmware updates this week.

Not only iPhones, but also Nokia and Samsung phones will receive important firmware updates this week. (Source: Apple)

  • Nokia and Samsung are distributing Android 11 to phones and tablets.
  • Apple is rolling out a wave of updates for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs.
  • We’ll also tell you whether the updates are already available in Germany.

Different users Cell phones and Tablets of the brands Apple, Samsung and Nokia can look forward to new operating systems. The Nokia 2.4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and the Galaxy A31 received Android 11, iPhones and iPads get iOS and iPadOS 14.5. Netzwelt summarizes the information for you.


The Finnish company Nokia distributes Android 11 to the Nokia 2.4 mobile phone. It contains many new features such as the floating bubbles, the quick control menu for controlling smart home components or the one-time authorizations.

Nokia: Android updates for smartphones at a glance

HMD Global and its Nokia smartphones with the Android operating system are enjoying increasing popularity and users. At this point we give you an overview of planned and available Android updates and potential waiting times for the updates.


The tablet Galaxy Tab A7 from the South Korean company Samsung also receives Android 11 and the One UI 3.1 user interface. It includes Android 11 features such as one-time permissions for apps, floating chat bubbles and a revised user interface.

Android 11 also receives the Galaxy A31. This is also where you can get the latest Android 11 features. The update is currently only available in Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. It is uncertain when the software will appear in this country.

Users of the Galaxy A41 in Russia can also rely on the latest Google operating system, Android 11 looking forward. The update also includes its own area for incoming messages in the notification bar and the floating chat bubbles.

Samsung evaluates the cell phone Galaxy A52 with another update on. This includes camera features from the Galaxy S21 series. The performance of the camera, the voice quality for calls and the stability of the touchscreen have also been tweaked.


Apple distributes tons of updates for almost all of its devices. iOS and iPadOS 14.5, watchOS 7.4, tvOS 14.5 and macOS 11.3 Big Sur are available for download.

Furthermore should Google revise the notifications in Android 12. The number of messages per app should be more clearly visible in the notification stack of the notification bar. The available space is also better used with the new OS. You should also Set the brightness below the minimum value with the extra dim mode can. This saves your eyes and the battery.

The first public beta version should appear in May. The final version of Android 12 is expected in autumn.

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