Weed robot uses electricity against plants

Regardless of whether it is a small garden or a large field: if you have to defend yourself against weeds, you know that this can be a thankless and time-consuming task. Now a weed robot has been developed that could provide relief here. With its help, chemicals in weed control could be a thing of the past.

“Dick” kills weeds with an 8000 volt electric shock

The weed robot is called “Dick” and detects weeds by simply scanning the appropriate areas. If he has identified a “troublemaker”, he triggers an electric shock and burns the weeds down.

With the help of special sensors, the robot also recognizes obstacles. In addition, it can be stopped with an emergency stop and can distinguish “good” from “bad” plants (i.e. weeds).

Bild: Small Robot Company

However, in order for Dick to know his work area, Tom is also required. This is another robot that supplies the relevant data and scans the area in question beforehand. With its help, the growth of plants can also be monitored.

The probability that agriculture will get a little smarter in the coming decades is accordingly high.

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