You have to wait another two years for the foldable iPhone

In 2023, with an 8 ”QHD display, the entrance of apples into the folding screen genre could arrive.

Ming-Chi Kuo one of Apple’s most trusted analysts, his word is not Scripture, being himself a secondhand rumor and rumor, see the apple electric car’s hitherto uninvited tips. Still, it’s worth listening to whistleblowers near the fire whisper in your ear, as you can report more specifics about the flexible iPhone or iPad.

User iFold concept
User iFold concept (source: MacRumor)

The collapsible specialty could be ready for mass production by 2023, but could deliver 15-20 million units right away, ergo Apple would rather wait for the source of production technology and components waiting to be shipped so as not to disappoint a few hundred thousand sets of fan behind lagging fruit. The Kuo relies on an 8 “QHD + Samsung panel with OLED technology combined with TPK’s silver-based nanometer electronics, as the latter is more flexible than Samsung’s Y-Octa solution, making it the right choice for multiple bend, fold and pull out variations.

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