YouTube is testing live comments below its videos

The platform wants to allow users to comment on a specific moment of a video, and thus allow viewers to enjoy “live” comments.

On April 29, Google added a new entry to the long list of its features under testing and development. Within a few months, users of YouTube may be able to comment chronologically on the videos on the platform. The tool is currently being tested by a few Internet users, and only applies to a limited number of videos. This would make it possible, for example, to link the comments to the best parts of a video, in order to be able to find them more easily later.

If it is in fact already possible to quote a specific passage in the comments by integrating a timecode, the new functionality imagined by YouTube should soon allow the integration of comments chronologically under a video, like the live broadcasts of the platform. For the lucky few who can already benefit from this tool, it can be accessed from the comments section on the iOS and Android app. By selecting the button that usually allows you to sort these, the Timed Beta option should now be available. It remains to be seen what that will look like in practice.

Boost the algorithm

If this feature proves successful for YouTube, it’s a safe bet that the American company will decide to generalize it later. In addition to allowing viewers to enjoy their content from a new angle, it could also allow the platform to better analyze the most popular moments of a video, for example to add more advertising breaks.

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