A self-cleaning mop vacuum cleaner, the newest from InnJoo


InnJoo is one of those companies that has shown that not everything is said in the world of electronic commerce in Spain. It has managed to grow in an impressive way in recent months, and it is rare the month that we do not see an innovative novelty in its catalog.

Now they have presented a gadget for the Houseware market, the InnJoo Clean Master One.

It is a mop vacuum cleaner that works with both dry and wet floors, wireless and with great power, also including a self-cleaning system so that we do not have to invest too much time in this phase.

It has two tanks of clean and dirty water, and is capable of detecting when the second is full, so that we can make the necessary change. Its autonomy is 56 minutes thanks to a Samsung battery, and we can see its level at all times on an LED screen.

This gadget has won the award Red Dot, an important award that has the category of product design, where Innjoo has stood out. The Red Dot Award has already brought together more than 10,000 participants from 60 countries, so recognition of this level shows that they are on the right track.

Within its website it is possible to find devices of all kinds, from mobile to air purifiers, going through electric scooters, smart watches, webcams and many other gadgets manufactured by a constantly growing brand.

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