Action Monitor: The Samsung Web Store has opened

The official web store of Samsung Hungary has been launched, through which users can buy the manufacturer’s products directly from the official Hungarian distributor.

Samsung will provide a new platform from the end of April, so in addition to the online and offline stores of reseller partners, the Hungarian distributor the manufacturer’s products will also be available in the official webshop. Since April 29, the individual devices can be purchased directly from the official product page with delivery valid throughout Hungary. The online store is the first to Samsung mobile products and wearable devices such as Galaxy S21 series, a Galaxy A52 obsession A72 smartphones, a Galaxy Tab tablets and a Galaxy Watch smartwatches and Galaxy Buds earphones are available.


The opening will of course be accompanied by their promotions and sweepstakes. THEwho buy in the first week a website and top up the account (a participant can only start with one “application”) to Samsung Members, enter a raffle and win a Samsung Lifestyle TV, sound projector or home appliance, In case of orders over 150,000 HUF, there is automatically a 10% discount from the total value of the basket.

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