Action Monitor: Vodafone has added TCL

The red service provider’s price list for May has arrived, and while the featured offers haven’t changed, the brand list has grown with a new member.

As usual, on the first working day of the month, Vodafone published its latest price list on a scheduled basis. There are no changes in the field of special offers, from the alternatives with a favorable price / value ratio it is still around 100 thousand forints. Redmi Note 9Tand 9 Prot or a Galaxy A52and A72is recommended by the company, but Mi 10T Pro, and is significantly more expensive than these Galaxy S21 Ultra is also among the suggested purchases.

The price of the Z Fold 2 continues to fall [+]

Their cheapest smartphone is still the Vodafone Smart E9, which includes the absolute minimum program of today’s android league with Android Go system, Cat.4 LTE, 28 nanometer system chip, Cortex-A53 processor and 1 GB RAM, in return it is also very cheap: 18 thousand forints with the prepaid card price, but it can be brought with a Go Mini subscription for 6090 forints, and for more serious tariffs it can be brought for 1 forint. The most expensive mobile is still the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which currently represents the top of mobile phones, has a subscription price of HUF 556 thousand (and this requires Go or Red Free), and can be picked up with a top-up card for HUF 584 thousand with 256 GB of storage.

Not only the K42 but also the complete LG range is still on the price list
Not only the K42 but also the complete LG range is still on the price list [+]

LG mobiles are still on the list and there is no special discount for them yet, available at K22, a K41S, a K42, a K51S, a K61, but still the Velvet and the Wing is. Among the catwalks we find the iPhone 11 Prot, still pulling, at a total list price of 384 thousand forints, in addition, only with 64 GB of storage space, but the base price of 132 thousand forints runs out pretty slowly Huawei P30, and a Galaxy S20series as well.

TCL 20 SE [+]

The lower-middle class TCL 20 SE at Vodafone in Hungary, the first mobile with this brand name, and although the base price of 52 thousand is barely cheaper than buying it independently of a card, you can calculate with unobtrusive repayment options on a monthly basis, even with a small subscription.

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