Apple is preparing to achieve a musical masterpiece

In the coming weeks, Apple could launch a new Hi-Fi formula for Apple Music as well as new AirPods.

There should be movement on the audio side at Apple ” in the next weeks “. The site Hits Daily Double indeed evokes the arrival of a whole new formula for Apple Music, with a quality Hi-Fi. This seems to be clarified by the discovery of new references in the first beta of iOS 14.6, which mentions a certain « high-quality stereo streaming » or even « Lossless audio ». The goal of the maneuver: to counter Spotify and its new high fidelity offer announced last February.

The icing on the cake, this high fidelity package should be displayed at the same price as the standard subscription, or € 9.99 per month for a single person. If Apple launches such a service, it could hurt competitors a lot. The only HiFi formulas available are systematically billed more expensive. This is the case of Amazon Music HD or Deezer HiFi, whose subscription price is € 14.99 per month.

AirPods 3 to accompany this offer?

In addition to this new Hi-Fi formula from Apple Music, the firm could drive the point home by launching its third generation of AirPods. Headphones, over and over again addressed by rumors, were rather planned at the end of the year, but Apple would have suddenly decided to step up the pace.

For now, we do not know if these new headphones will be Hi-Fi compatible, but if this launch is done at the same time as that of this new offer from Apple Music, we lean more in the affirmative. If he really intervenes in ” the next weeks “, we can logically expect these new announcements during the next WWDC, which will be held from June 7 to 11, or even earlier via press release. Answer in a few weeks!

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