Apple Music is coming soon with Hi-Fi streaming

In the code of an iOS version, indications were discovered that Apple will soon also be offering Hi-Fi streaming.

Apple Music mit Lossless-Audio-Abo?

Several indications suggest that Apple will expand its music streaming service Apple Music to include a Hi variant. There have already been reports from the Music industrythat Apple wants to offer a new subscription at the same price as the normal subscription, also in order to increase the pressure on Spotify, which has only just risen prices in many countries.

The colleagues from 9TO5Mac found a hint in beta 1 of iOS 14.6. Here you can find the entries Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio and Lossless in the Apple Music app. In the next beta version, however, these hints will immediately disappear.

There are still no indications as to whether the Hi-Fi subscription will also be available directly in Germany at the start. So it may well be that Apple only tries it out in selected countries for the time being.

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