Be sure to wait for the international version of the Redmi K40 Gaming

Xiaomi no longer supports the installation of the Google framework on internal market devices.

A Redmi first gamer’s mobile even at an extremely reasonable price, we add to the amount in our head everything we are forced to. However, it is now definitely not an option to order a domestic device since the Xiaomi suspended by Google services on MIUI devices for the Chinese market. THE MIU 12.5version also deletes the framework for older models, and Redmi K40 Gaming was already introduced with this software version.

However, the world doesn’t seem to be left behind on one of the cheapest gamer alternatives. Redmi K40 Gaming already appeared on the Google Play Console, so there is a chance of an international premiere within the deadline. In India, the device is likely to be launched in Poco colors as the F3 GT, with no information on European branding yet.

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