Cool news has leaked out of the new bendable Samsung

It shows off Flip2’s larger front panel, the Z Fold3 screen camera, ahead of time.

A appeared Weibón multiple video snapshots (and animated GIFs) Galaxy Z Flip and the With Fold2 this year’s sequel, which show quite a few design corrections in pretty poor quality, but the promotional materials themselves seem authentic, elaborate and exciting.

Take, for example, the motion picture above, which immediately reveals a panel that is larger in size than its predecessor in the flip continuation on the designer exterior. You can also see some animation from recent messages to the music player, as well as two optics and an LED flash.


The sleek design can be accompanied by a Gorilla Glass Victus glass sheet – presumably already outside and not inside the bendable panel, but who knows.


Z Flip2 (although the source calls it Z Flip3) can come in gray, green, white, and purple.


Fold3 also holds surprises: its promotional material photographed on a monitor, for example, looks like a self-contained camera built into a bendable screen.


With this, Samsung can be the first, and anyway, this kind of camera specialty fits into the genre, you just have to hone your quality. A tablet-phone hybrid can also hold tricks like video calling with a half-open screen, as shown above, albeit with a hidden camera.


Fold3 could run in green, white and navy blue (or black), expected in the second half of the year, which of course isn’t far off.

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