Ecovacs T8 Pure – Another robot vacuum completes the line-up!

A new variant of last year’s top model T8 has appeared on Amazon. With the addition of the name Pure, the new vacuum robot model from Ecovacs complements the line-up at the lower end.

Ecovacs T8 Pure – The lower entry into the T8 series!

A new model from Ecovacs has appeared on Amazon. The vacuum robot bears the name Ecovacs T8 Pure and is not really something new in itself. This is because it is the top vacuum robot model from last year and only has to do without the Ozmo Pro technology in the scope of delivery. Instead of the Ozmo Pro wiper function, only the normal Ozmo wiper plate is included here. The connection is available, however, so that the Ozmo Pro could theoretically be retrofitted. The suction station from the + variants could also be retrofitted – but this would make little sense in terms of price.

Too many and too similar models

In my opinion, the model is quite superfluous because there are simply too many similar devices (T8, N8 Pro, T9) and the price is not different enough to make it stand out so much.
The best example: At Amazon you are currently getting the T8, i.e. the one with Ozmo Pro, on sale for just under € 100 less!

If you are interested in all the differences, be sure to take a look at our robot vacuum finder, there you can compare all models with each other!

To the robot vacuum finder!

By the way, this year’s flagship is the Ecovacs T9 +, which I have just tested:


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