Fortnite has generated over $ 9 billion in two years

New documents have revealed just how much of a goose that lays the golden eggs for Epic Games.

The trial that opposes Epic Games and Apple started this Monday, May 3 and on this occasion, new documents have surfaced. These documents concern, among other things, the general organization as well as the key figures of the companies. Thanks to them, we now know that between 2018 and 2019, Epic Games generated $ 9.165 billion thanks to its battle royale. Fortnite. For only two years of activity, this number is simply exorbitant.

This sum comes from a official report of the financial council that the company created in January 2020. In it, it is written that in 2018, Fortnite generated $ 5.4 billion and in 2019 the game generated $ 3.7 billion. The figures for 2020 are not known at this time since the documents including this information have not been released. For comparison, note that Epic Games only raked in $ 235 million thanks to theEpic Games Store during the same period between 2018 and 2019. The latter also causes the company to lose more money than it saves it.

A goose that lays golden eggs that saves Epic Games from monumental losses

From these documents it is evident that Fortnite is a real gold mine for Epic Games and by far its main source of income. The game may be free, thanks to its in-game transaction system and optional purchases, the company has built an economic model that works like clockwork. However, it was not revealed how much Epic Games can profit from this generated money, after deducting partnership funding and other company expenses in other areas or games that make much less. For example, Apple had estimated in April that Epic Games could lose up to $ 330 million from all the exclusives acquired for the Epic Games Store. A figure that still remains well below the billions generated each year by Fortnite, which could explain the fact that Tim Sweeney don’t worry about losing all that money.

New characters for the battle royale?

Crédits : Epic Games

At the same time, it seems that Epic Games has planned new skins for Fortnite as well as a new game mode. Indeed, in another official document, it was presented the projects of 2020 for Fortnite, among which are the skins with the effigy of stars, like that of Neymar Jr recently available. We then learn that a skin LeBron James should arrive soon, as well as a skin The Rock. In addition to these skins, the document mentions a new game mode called “Party Royale” which is actually a mini basketball game. This suggests that a season around a sports theme could be in preparation at this very moment. However, nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games which still prefers still leaves doubt.

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