Galaxy Z Fold 3: a leak reveals the shocking arguments of the future folding smartphone

In leaked images, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 reveals its strengths, including an invisible camera and an S-Pen!

It is not expected for several months, but now it is already starting to unfold. Stolen images of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 of Samsung have indeed just leaked on the web, and, even if it is advisable to take this with the usual tweezers, they teach us a lot about its future characteristics.

Already, we can see that the Fold 3 would opt for the same format as its predecessor, with a screen capable of folding inwards. We unfortunately do not have the chance to take a look at the front of the smartphone, but at the back, we note the appearance of a new thinner photo unit and arranged vertically, including three sensors.

Camera under the screen and S-Pen compatibility?

It is especially the internal screen that gives us something to salivate. First, we do not see any punch or notch on these stolen images, suggesting that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would have a front camera placed under the slab. If this is confirmed, it will be the first folding smartphone in the world to opt for an invisible camera.

Credit: @BuKarpiel

Another image gives us to see a stylus in action, which suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would indeed be compatible with the S-Pen as already suspected. some rumors.

Credit: @BuKarpiel

With its small tablet format, the smartphone would indeed be particularly suitable for this use, and we therefore imagine that Samsung would have further strengthened the surface of its foldable screen to allow it. This would be all the more convincing since the brand has confirmed that no Galaxy Note would launch this year, whereas it was previously the only smartphone offering the ability to take handwritten notes, before S-Pen compatibility was extended to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

It remains to be seen if this information is confirmed with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which could occur during the summer.

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