Homey update for Nuki – that’s why you have to log in again

Homey will inform you today about an update in the Nuki app. The update affects all users who have connected Homey to a Nuki component. This update contains two improvements for Nuki Smart Locks and Nuki Opener, but also requires you to log in to the app again!

Homey update for the Nuki app

Today, Homey informs all users who have connected a Nuki Smart Lock or Nuki Opener to Homey about the new update. With this update you have updated the Nuki app for Homey, which is supposed to increase the battery life of the Nuki Smart Lock.

As an added bonus, the locks are now updated in real time.

But the update also comes with bad news, because you have to log in again before everything works. Existing flows will be retained and will continue to work.

To log in again, simply press and hold your Nuki device in the Homey app → tap on the gear symbol in the upper right corner → maintenance → try to repair. Then log in with your Nuki account and you’re done.

If you have several Nuki devices, you only have to do this for one of the devices. All others automatically take over the login.

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