NFT : bientôt des NFT Sonic et Magic The Gathering ?

The world of NFTs is becoming more and more attractive to video game companies, who see it as a very exploitable new business.

The NFTs are now an integral part of many fields, whether it is music, art, sports or even video games. Indeed, the video game industry is increasingly beginning to succumb to the madness of NFTs, two new creations that have caught the eye of Internet users. First of all, it seems that NFTs bearing the image of the famous card game Magic: The Gathering should see the light of day very soon.

In a telephone conversation, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner expressed his desire to create NFTs for several of his game licenses, including Magic: The Gathering which is one of the most popular with the general public. The most likely situation to date would be the creation of Magic: The Gathering cards exclusive to NFTs, or the transformation of some current cards so that they can be authenticated on the blockchain. These cards could be purchased and used in online gambling, or even exchanged for other cards between players.

Sega has already found where to invest

In the same vein, Sega has officially set out to create NFTs in the image of its most iconic character, Sonic. If it was born in 1991, the blue hedgehog has not stopped reinventing itself for 30 years and who could have guessed that it would one day take the form of a digital authenticity token? To do this, Sega has partnered with Japanese start-up Double Jump.Tokyo. In exchange for a large investment, Double Jump.Tokyo is in charge of creating NFTs on the blockchain. The company also wanted to move away from Ethereum to create its NFTs and preferred to turn to Flow. It is a blockchain which was created by Dapper Labs and which has more possibility of development than Ethereum.

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