Riot Games to record voice chats on Valorant

This decision reinforces Riot Games’ desire to combat abusive and toxic behavior.

Riot Games, the editor of Valuing and of League of Legends, has just officially announced that it wants to record players’ voice chats on Valuing in order to combat “toxic behavior”. This approach was undertaken with the aim of reducing discrimination and in order to ensure a healthy and fair playing environment for all players. This is indeed a difficulty that many players have encountered on the platform, as on many others, which sometimes leaves room for harassment and discrimination.

Necessary or intrusive action?

This is absolutely not to say that Riot Games will listen to your conversations in real time. It just means that, if abusive behavior has been reported to Riot, the company will be able to investigate and listen to the reported person’s audio chats in order to build a hard evidence case. With the move, Riot Games hopes to award more fair and effective penalties to tackle online harassment. Riot Games also undertakes to delete data as soon as it is no longer needed. The company therefore takes this decision even as more and more people worry about being listened to and spied on on the internet and on their favorite games.

However, Riot Games still leaves the choice to users whether or not to enable this feature. For the moment, this method is only applied on the game Valuing and only in the North American region. It will then be rolled out to other parts of the world when more languages ​​are supported. It is not known, however, whether Riot Games’ policy will apply to other games in the future if it proves to be effective in punishing abusive behavior.

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