Star Wars: Disney presents a larger-than-life lightsaber

On the occasion of May the 4th, Disney unveils its incredible lightsaber. It will be used as entertainment in the new park hotel of the firm with big ears.

Have you always dreamed of killing Stormtrooper with a lightsaber? Disney will make your wish come true, at least in part. During the presentation of his Avengers Campus in California, last April, Josh D’Amero, head of the firm’s theme parks, announced the imminent arrival of a new kind of lightsaber. So far, only the lucky few present at the conference had been able to catch a glimpse of it. On this world day of Star Wars, the firm gave us grain to grind. Disney finally unveils the first visuals and it is clear that the result lives up to the promise.

So we stop you right away, this new lightsaber will not be able to cut metal or your opponent’s arm like his alter ego in the universe of George Lucas. However, it is undoubtedly the most realistic product ever imagined by the firm with big ears. Far from the light stick displayed by fans at conventions or during Halloween, it consists of a retractable and sound LED blade. A bit like a tape measure, it rolls up and unwinds in the handle when the user presses the button. Disney, however, is still keeping the details of its design secret.

Animation for the new hotel dedicated to Star Wars

For now, this lightsaber is not intended to be marketed. It will serve as an animation in the new hotel experience of Disney parks. Called the Galactic Starcruiser, the new destination plans to offer its visitors an extraordinary stay. Designed as an experience in its own right, this place of residence will offer to fly for the stars (or almost) for two days. Customers will thus be able to take lightsaber lessons, learn the basics of navigation and defend the ship which will take the form of a huge interstellar cruiser. The bedroom windows will project images of the galaxy to make the experience ever more immersive. Disney’s new lightsaber will be in the hands of an actress who will play Rey. The guests will be able to change the scenario by choosing their allegiance and forging alliances with the different characters. It is ultimately a bit as if he was immersing himself in the Star Wars universe for a weekend. This new hotel is scheduled to open in 2022 in California. For now, the firm does not say whether this experience will be exported to other destinations.

In the meantime, you can review the lightsabers of the saga in the Star Wars films and series on Disney +.

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