Start saving, the 8 inch folding iPhone is coming!

Ming-Chi Kuo just saw an iPhone with a flexible 8-inch screen in its crystal ball. Arrival expected in 2023!

Folding iPhone on the way? Yes ! According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst who is always on target, or almost, Apple is actively working on its first iPhone pliant and would even have chosen his screen. The Apple would thus have set its sights on an 8-inch QHD + OLED panel. This would be equipped with a touch technology based on silver nanowires, like the HomePod screen.

For now, we don’t yet know what the device might look like, but Kuo still gives us a year of release: 2023. “Based on our latest surveys, we expect Apple to likely release a folding iPhone with a flexible 8-inch QHD + OLED panel in 2023” he explained in a note to investors relayed by MacRumors. The analyst predicts that this smartphone could sell out like hot cakes, or between 15 and 20 million sales in its first year of existence.

The iPhone of the next “super cycle”

In his note, Ming-Chi Kuo explains that “These folding devices will reduce the segmentation between smartphones, tablets and laptops”. Even if Apple is lagging behind in this sector, today dominated by Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip and coveted by Xiaomi with its Mi Mix Fold, the firm could do well thanks to the quality of its ecosystem. “With its ecosystem and hardware design advantages, Apple will be the biggest winner in this folding device trend.” says Kuo.

The analyst also explains that this folding iPhone should mark the start of a new “Super cycle of renewal”. These occur every three years at Apple, usually on the occasion of a design change. In 2014, it was the iPhone 6 with its larger screen, in 2017, the iPhone X inaugurated the borderless screen and Face ID, and, in 2020, l’iPhone 12 has brought flat slices up to date and brought up to date with 5G. In 2023, it will therefore be the turn of the folding iPhone to inaugurate the next one « super cycle ». For now, we remain patient.

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