Streets of Rage 4: a new character has been revealed

As the Streets of Rage 4 DLC release date approaches, we have just learned that we will soon be able to play the character of Max Thunder.

In a previous announcement, it was revealed that a paid DLC of Dotemu’s Streets of Rage 4 game would be available soon. This DLC, named after Mr. X Nightmare, or the Nightmare of Mr. X in French, should be released in 2021. We already knew that three new playable characters were going to make their entry, even if we only knew one of them. Today, a second character has been unveiled and it is Max Thunder. This muscle mass can be seen in action in the character overview video.

He is a former wrestler who uses his strength and power in his fights. He is obviously slower, but has more devastating attacks that allow him to dominate the fight. He will join soon Estel Aguirre, a former boss who finally decided to fight for a good cause with Axel Stone. The third character will be revealed a bit later as the DLC release approaches. We also know that the DLC will bring new bosses to beat, but those haven’t been revealed and we don’t think they will.

With the DLC, don’t forget that a free update is also planned. She will bring with her the difficulty Mania+, which should bring even more challenge to the more experienced players. Streets of Rage is a hit ’em up game released in 2020 which is a huge success. The game already has 2.5 million downloads and many see it as reinventing the genre of the ‘em up in his way.

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