The news that will come to Microsoft Teams for the next school year

A few months before an atypical school year is going to conclude (which has been tried to be carried out in person in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic), Microsoft is already looking at the start of the next school year, trying to bring new capabilities to Teams.

Among everything presented today, the arrival of the Reading Progress function stands out, which focuses on monitoring students, both in their reading skills and in learning new languages.

Reading Progress: to learn to read and speak in new languages

Microsoft points out that it is a student-centered feature, where they can safely practice their skills. With this function, teachers will be more efficient both in the creation and in the supervision of the development of the tasks, being able to jump the recordings from one point to another.

For more accurate tracking, the Education Insights integration will allow teachers to have a comprehensive view “with trends and data, from accuracy rate and correct words per minute, to mispronunciations and omissions for individual students or for the whole class »

Likewise, the new function will allow students to carry out their practices at their own pace, where they can also repeat them as many times as they want, taking the time they need, without any pressure.

Some more news

In addition to the new Reading Progress feature, Microsoft Teams It will also feature group assignments, a function that resembles when teachers divide students from their face-to-face classes into work groups so that they can carry out assigned work collaboratively with other assigned students.

Teachers will also be able to make use of third-party applications to distribute tasks to students, and so that they can be more effective in managing time, there will also be integration with Outlook calendars, where students will be able to have an idea of ​​how to allocate your time to be more effective by completing the tasks within the period assigned to them.

Microsoft has also indicated that it is actively working to improve the integration of learning management systems (LMS) like Instructure and Blackboard with Teams, Teams meetings and OneDrive, where even some associated LMS can carry specific capabilities for Teams.

It is expected that these and other capabilities will arrive throughout the month of August, so that teachers and students can make use of them already at the beginning of the next school year, even serving as digital reinforcement in cases where they are not can be carried out in person.

More information. Microsoft Education Blog

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