They launch an alternative to Nearby Share on Android compatible with computers under Linux

Warpinator is an application created by the developers of the great Linux Mint distribution they created, to enable file transfer between Linux machines, officially arriving at Linux Mint throughout the month of September, enabling that can also be installed on other existing Linux distributions.

In this way, they came to cover a need that until their arrival, users came to use less orthodox methods when carrying files and folders from one computer to another, including the use of USB memory keys, which, seen from a distance in time, it is not ideal.

However, the developers of Linux Mint They did not want to spend resources to bring Warpinator to other operating systems, leaving that possibility in the hands of third-party developers, for which they encouraged it taking advantage of the fact that open technologies have been used in Warpinator.

It is a fork of a project that was born for Linux Minut

The witness has been collected by Slowscript, a Czech-based developer company, which has just released an unofficial version of Warpinator for Android devices, taking advantage of the same protocol used in the original Linux Mint application.

In this way, Warpinator is no longer available exclusively for teams Linux to be extended to Android devices, so that in addition to allowing file transfers between Linux computers over local networks, it is now also possible to transfer files from Linux computers to Android devices and vice versa, and even between Android devices as well.

As we see as characteristics in its file in Google Play Store, this application allows you to automatically discover compatible services on the local network, and it works via WiFi or access point, for which the Internet is not essential.

In addition, it allows you to receive entire folders, you can run multiple transfers in parallel, and it even allows you to share files from other applications. It also allows limiting access when using a group code, allows activating the ignition at system startup, and does not require location permissions or any other unnecessary permissions.

Taking into account that it also allows transfers between Android devices, it also becomes an alternative to Nearby Share, the «Google Airdrop» for which users can transfer files without having to depend on Google services.

In addition to being available in the Google Play Store, users can also install the application from F-Droid using the application repository IzzySoft.

Via: XDA Developers

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