Twitter acquires Scroll to include it in its ambitious plan with subscriptions

Scroll is a subscription platform, launched a little over a year ago, which allows users to access favorite news sites (which are associated) to access their content under an advertising-free experience.

This platform has just entered the ambitious plans of Twitter, which is proceeding to its acquisition, without revealing the terms of the agreement for now, so for the moment Scroll has temporarily stopped the registration of new users.

We will have to wait until the end of this year to know the details

According to Twitter, plan to include Scroll as part of a broader subscription offering, which includes access to ad-free content or the Revue newsletter, along with other Twitter services aimed at subscribers.

According to Scroll release, their service “will go into a private beta version as we integrate into a broader Twitter subscription later in the year.” About Twitter, praise that it is the the only great platform that “is deeply intertwined with a sustainable journalism ecosystem”.

In fact, they point out that “Twitter’s ambitions are bigger than people suspect,” although At the moment there is little data in this regard, so we will have to wait until the end of this year for Twitter to provide specific information about its ambitious plans to bring subscriptions to its service.

During the last months we have known some of the functions premium that the platform plans to bring over time.

As the Scroll operation completes, Nuzzel, Scroll’s personalized newsletter delivery service, will cease to exist to integrate its functions within the Twitter application itself.

What will not change in Scroll is the idea of ​​continuing to remunerate publishers as an alternative to advertising, for which they will continue to send a part of the monthly subscriptions they receive, seeking to enhance journalism, making subscriptions can be a better way of revenue versus revenue from ad views.

Will Twitter try to compete with Apple News, Apple’s subscription news service, or is it something different? That will be one of the issues along with many others that will remain to be resolved, although there is no doubt that Twitter plans to serve as an important platform on the web for journalists and current enthusiasts.

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